Deep Stabilization

Deep Stabilization is a road treatment process by which road sedimentation is tightly locked-up via hydrogen bonding in the first 2”- 6” inch layers of the road surface. This is accomplished with the deep prescriptive mixing (via In-Place Processing) of dry hygroscopic calcium chloride and a sediment binding material (such as bentonite) into the road surface, followed by compaction and hydrolytic activation. The resultant product is an extremely hard road surface which:


1.) Holds back sedimentation from adjacent watersheds     -Reducing TMDLs (total maximal daily loads) & protecting sensitive Aquatic Life-

   2.) Dramatically reduces road maintenance

   3.) Abates dust, even during hot and dry summer conditions (Great for Runways and Taxiways)

   4.) Extends the life of the in place gravel mix

   5.) Reduces rutting

   6.) Improves traffic safety

   7.) Improves public relations

   8.) Provides a superior driving surface   

How Deep Stabilization is Accomplished

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The Triple Tree, Inc. Deep Stabilization process works so well that Dow Chemical chose to feature Triple Tree, Inc.’s process as a showcase application for their calcium chloride flake.

Deep Stabilization is Versatile

Road stabilization with CaCl has been shown to work effectivly in a variety of different soils throughout the northwest.


Applying the Deep Stabilization process requires relatively dry weather. Approximately 1.5 - 2 miles of road can generally be mixed a day dependent upon road width and travel distance to product. When determining the Deep Stabilization price for a particular road network, a large variety of variables have to be taken into consideration. Sight location, product distance, product logistics, water distance, road composition and the selective product prescription can all significantly influence price. Triple Tree, Inc. utilizes independent soil analysis laboratories to determine the appropriate prescription or series of prescriptions for a particular road network.

Great for Airports and Helipads 

Production and Cost