Triple Tree, Inc. was established in 1970 and specializes in secondary and forest road construction, reconstruction, maintenance, fisheries improvement, and water shed rehabilitation. Our three member / owner team has over 90 years of combined experience in the business. Although we have had considerable work in the private sector, our main focus since 1980 has been on government projects, and most of these have been with the U.S. Forest Service. Since our inception into the business we have worked on over 1100 miles of road which has included the following types of work: Reconditioning of road surfaces by In-Place Processing; Deep stabilization of roads; Road construction, reconstruction, maintenance, obliteration, brushing, deep stabilization, graveling, and reconditioning. We have worked on numerous fisheries and watershed projects including reestablishing natural channel ways, bank stabilization, building fisheries and watershed structures, and stabilizing adjacent stream and water way sediment problems. Our company is well versed in the use and construction of several different types of minor and major road structures such as bridges, culverts (including closed arch and open bottom culvert structures), gabions, and retaining walls. We have a strong knowledge and experience in the use of different types of erosion control devices, systems, and theory.

We take pride in the reputation we have acquired with our innovations in developing new construction equipment and concepts such as pre-cast footings for open bottom arch culverts, specialized gabion wall construction equipment, specialized equipment for back filling culverts with stream bed aggregates, in-place processing equipment that crushes native surface material, such as rock and bedrock, in the roadbed to he used as cushion material in place of expensive pit developed materials, and equipment and processes to chemically deep stabilize roads that not only cost less to maintain but also protect fragile fisheries and other aquatic life. These new developments have kept our company at the forefront of our industry.

Our equipment operators are long time employees of our company that understand not only how to operate our equipment but also the importance of using the equipment in the proper and most efficient manner to achieve the goals that our customers desire. We have the equipment, support equipment, operators, and supervisory personnel necessary to do almost any aspect of road construction, reconstruction, maintenance, obliteration, fisheries improvement, watershed rehabilitation, etc., that maybe required. Our team of professionals has built an outstanding reputation for excellence throughout the industry which we are very proud of.