Showcase Project

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Road Reconditioning:
1.) In-Place Processed: 8.68 single lane miles
2.) Deep Stabilized: 8.68 single lane miles
    A.) Calcium Chloride: 301.5 tons
    B.) Bentonite: 645.6 tons
    C.) Bag House Fines: 645.7 tons
3.) Aggregate Surfacing: 29,718 tons

Road/Stream Interaction and Restoration:
1.) CMP: 1,670 ft
2.) Gabion Retainer Walls: 153 cy

The Rye Creek Road Rehabilitation and Stabilization Project

The Rye Creek Road Rehabilitation and Stabilization Project represents a comprehensive interactive road & stream networked environmental remediation. High priority road access, road drainage concerns, and unmanageable road surface boulders qualified the rye creek road network as candidate from native surface road template reestablishment via In-Place Processing. The close physical interaction between the rye creek road and the rye creek watershed dictated interest in road surface sedimentation control. Special sensitivity and attention was given to the rye creek watershed as the drainage represents critical Westslope Cutthroat and node Bull Trout habitat. To mitigate road sedimentation, and defer maintenance, the top four inches of the road surface were locked-up via Deep Stabilization. To further protect the road network and stream, road drainage hydrology was remediated via CMP placement as well as select stretches of the road banks were protected from stream erosion with the construction of gabion retainer walls.

Project manager: Byron Williams, COR, 406-363-7100, Hamilton, Montana. Project was 8.16 miles long and included 1.53 miles of double land and 6.63 miles of single land road. Work included reshaping and compacting road sub grade, reconditioning the roadbed, re-establishing native road surface, installation of road signs, belted cross-drains, cleaning cattle guards, installing culverts, placing riprap, and building gabion retaining walls for stream erosion mitigation, providing, hauling and placing crushed aggregate, providing, hauling, placing, and mixing bentonite, bag house fines, and calcium chloride into road surface to stabilize and bind road surfacing for stream mitigation and fishery protection, seeding, fertilizing, and mulching of any disturbed areas.

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